Exploring English: A new beginning to spread the world

"Exploring English: A new beginning to spread the world" is the first event of the BRAZ-TESOL Bahia Chapter, which marks its launch.
We aim to strengthen the Association in the state of Bahia and revive the desire for reconnection of associates in the region. We intend to provide teachers and students an immersion in the English language through current themes in the field.
In this event, we will have the participation of the illustrious Vinnie Nobre, Higor Cavalcante, and Richard Freeman.

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Venue: UNIFACS - Auditório CTN - Campus Tancredo Neves: Av. Tancredo Neves, 2131, Caminho das Árvores CEP: 41820-021

Participants: Associados e Não Associados

Speakers: Vinnie Nobre, Higor Cavalcante, Ana Luiza Oliveira and Richard Freeman

Event Dates:

  • Saturday,December 15,2018 - 08h00 as 13h00

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R$ 50,00

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