MBE & Pronunciation Joint SIG Event

MBE (Mind, Brain, and Education) SIG and Pronunciation SIG will offer a whole afternoon array of sessions on Emotions and Learning

If you are a member, your ticket for entrance will be: R$ 30,00
If you are a new member, your ticket for entrance will be: R$ 45,00
Problems with your payment please contact our central office: 011 3559-8782 or send an e-mail: braztesol@brazesol.org.br

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Venue: CNA (Rua Oscar Porto, 800 - Paraíso - São Paulo)

Participants: estimated 100

Speakers: 09

Event Dates:

  • Friday,March 15,2019 - 13:00 - 17:30

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*Fees for Registration:

Registration Convention fee

R$ 45,00

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