SIG Name: Intercultural Language Education
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Welcome to the Intercultural Language Education SIG, which was founded at the 2012 BRAZ-TESOL International Conference, in Rio. We welcome members from around the world to share ideas and resources about combining language learning with cultural exploration, creativity and critical thinking. Our objectives are - To promote intercultural communicative competence (ICC), i.e. to promote: (a) Curiosity about different cultures (b) Knowledge of different cultural values and behaviours (c) Openness towards cultural difference (d) The ability to interpret products from different cultures (e) The ability to observe, understand and account for different cultural practices (f) The development of critical cultural awareness - To promote critical literacy as a key means of achieving critical cultural awareness - To integrate intercultural communicative competence and critical literacy into language teaching by the development of classroom materials, teacher education and online content and networks. - To encourage research into ICC and critical literacy in language education, and its dissemination via teacher education and teacher networks. - To increase and support multicultural exchanges, particularly among BRAZ-TESOL members, chapters and teachers' associations - but extending world-wide. We participate in regualr events in Brazil, at BRAZ-TESOL conventions, and other conferences and seminars. Our members span the world, and we have linked up student groups in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Greece, Israel, Japan, Macau, Spain, the UK, and the USA.

SIG Team:

John Corbett

Eva Carolina da Cunha
Financial Coordinator

Hugo Dart
Communications Coordinator

Bruno Lima
Intercultural Exchanges Coordinator

Louise Emma Potter
Academic Coordinator

Andrea Assenti del Rio
Latin America Coordinator