Gabriel Diaz

Plenary: Collaborative scenarios and teacher growth 

In this plenary we will explore the difference between cooperation and collaboration while highlighting why they are important constructs for teacher growth. Taking into account what has transpired after the pandemic, we will explore the areas of our work which require collaboration. We will also analyze different roles in collaborative relationships and explore collaborative activities oriented towards professional development.

Workshop: A smorgasbord of techniques to enhance communication
In this workshop, we will experience and analyze our experience of various teaching techniques which, when duly implemented, can enhance communication in the classroom. We will also look at the pedagogical principles which underpin these activities and explore ways in which teachers can adapt them to their own realities.

Dr. Gabriel Díaz Maggioli is a teacher who applies the lessons learned in the classroom to his roles as teacher educator, researcher, and writer. He is a certified researcher in Uruguay’s National Research and Innovation Agency. He also works as Academic Advisor to the Institute of Education at Universidad ORT Uruguay. The author of 27 books, as well as numerous articles in professional and peer-refereed journals, Gabriel has shared his work with colleagues in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. He is the first Latinx President of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL).