Lucy Crichton

Plenary session 
Is faster really better? Insights into the preservation of childhood by Lucy Crichton

As initiatives to support and understand young learners gain strength in our profession, we still find ourselves fighting to protect children, to build play into our curriculums as an essential skill and to provide the next generation of teenagers deeper support and time to truly grow and thrive. In this plenary, I’d like to share my observations of over 25 years of teaching children in Brazil, what I have learned and what, in my mind, still needs to change.

Workshop session
Playful thinking and creative learning in the YL classroom 
by Lucy Crichton

Post pandemic, it’s clear that children are craving a broader, more integrated approach to learning and language discovery. In this session, we’ll look at playful environments, open ended materials, and ways to use children’s divergent thinking to shape our lessons. We’ll also create multiple stories using a piece of string!

I’m an ELT teacher educator and materials writer. I write for the primary and pre-primary classroom and these projects have taken me to countries in South America, Europe and Asia. I’m the founder of The Secret Garden English School in Florianopolis, where I teach children and teenagers with a focus on living the language through practical projects, music art, drama, gardening and cooking. Brazil is my adopted home.