Marcelo Barros

Building bridges to the unforeseen: a challenging blueprint 

Education in general – and language learning in particular – has a ripple effect that none of us is able to quantify completely or accurately. We may try, though, to assess part of that impact by exploring data from different areas (of knowledge and human life) to establish new connections and hypotheses which have the potential to inform our professional practice. In this talk we will analyze some of these interrelations and propose what agency we, as educators, can have in applying the conclusions to our settings.

Marcelo Barros has been a proud volunteer with BRAZ-TESOL for 25 years now (a silver jubilee!), 12 of which in various positions on the Executive Board. He has served as President twice (2007-2008 and 2013-2014) and is a lifetime member of the association’s Advisory Council.