Valéria França

Building bridges: the shock of the new & our dreams 

We have emerged from the pandemic and are navigating the perilous waters of face-to-face life. Why perilous? We have all, in some way or another, suffered some loss over the last two years.  We are all trying to adapt to new cenários. There is, indeed, a shock of the new. 

As we take our first steps away from cocoon-living, how do we rebuild our bridges? How do we fathom out our dreams? How do we create new possibilities for learning? 
In this talk I hope to explore this theme and see if we collectively emerge with some very powerful possibilities to craft our own futures.

Valéria França has been an ELT professional and educator for over 30 years. She is the Head of L&D at Edify Education. She has a PhD in Applied Linguistics and is very interested in the power of immersive experiences for learning. She is a permanent member  of the BRAZ-TESOL Advisory Board.