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BRAZ-TESOL Belo Horizonte chapter is a non-profit organization for teachers of English. It's an affiliate of TESOL International.

Chapters Board

Carolina Cunha

Carolina Cunha has 20 years? experience in teaching English for different age groups and levels. She holds a BA in English and an MA in Sociolinguistics, besides a CPE, a TKT and a CELTA. She currently works as a freelance teacher catering for students? specific learning needs, including personalized materials and tailor-made courses, as well as offering training workshops. She's also cohost of "Entre Aulas", a podcast for teachers.


Carolina CunhaPresident

Daniel de Abreu

Daniel de Abreu has been teaching English since 2001 and he is a GOOGLE Education Certified and CELTA Cambridge TESOL certified. His interest in educational technology began when websites and mobile apps boomed the educational atmosphere to promote students' independence while extending the teachers' reach and exposing learners' to more English content. He believes technology has come to stay and with it will open an array of opportunities to make an engaging and delighting learner environment.


Daniel de AbreuSecretary