Janaína Cardoso

Janaina Cardoso, DipRSA – Diploma from the Royal Society of Arts, Doctor in Language Studies, Associate Professor and Director of the Languages and Literatures Institute at the Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, where she teaches English Language (undergraduate and post-graduate courses) and Applied Linguistics (master and doctorate courses), CNPq [National Council for Scientific and Technological Development] researcher; Prociência [UERJ Proscience] researcher; Coordinator of the CNPq/UERJ research group EAL [Language Teaching and Learning: Approaches, Methodologies and Technologies], Coordinator of the extension and research project CEALD [Collaboration, Learning Strategies and Digital Literacy in the development of English teachers], member of the extension project LabLínguas [Language Lab for Teacher Development] at Universidade Federal Fluminense; member of the work group Educators development in Applied Linguistics from ANPOLL [Brazilian Association of Post-graduate courses in Language and Literature], and director of APLIERJ [English Language Teachers’ Association from Rio de Janeiro], author of many book chapters, journal articles and the book Estratégias de aprendizagem: eficácia e autonomia na compreensão oral [Learning Strategies: efficiency and autonomy in listening comprehension].