BRAZ-TESOL Rio Grande do Sul Chapter First Online Event

Welcome to Rio Grande do Sul Chapter! Join us and follow us at our social media! 

Our schedule: 

09:00-09:50 Speaker: Candice Soldatelli -  "Do presencial ao online: Como ficam os cursos de idiomas pós-pandemia?"

10:00-10:50 Speaker: Sue Ruggeri Cons - "Transform your practices by becoming a Google Certified Educator"

11:00-11:50 Speaker: Liz Ging - "The Classroom as a Learning Community: Forging Connections in Trying Times" 

 Obs.: Certificate only for BRAZ-TESOL Members and Non Members who have contributed with us! 

Venue: Online Zoom

Speakers: Candice Soldatelli, Sue Cons, Liz Ging

Event Dates:

  • Saturday, June 27, 2020 - 09:00 a.m ~12:00 p.m

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