Managing Teachers or Managing Learners: What is after all the role of an ELT manager?

There is often very little time to reflect and consider the role of an ELT manager. It is quite difficult to find information and literature on the topic of management in the field of ELT. Also, one of the major issues in ELT Management is how professionals balance their actions in order to manage learning in their contexts. Many individuals start their managerial careers without any formal management training or qualifications and learn on the job. Thus, this panel explores how teachers get into management and what sort of development is necessary so that we learn how to manage learning and their actors in the ELT field.

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Venue: Faculdade Cultura Inglesa - Rua Maranhão, 416

Participants: LAMSIG team

Speakers: Lucia Rodrigues Alves, Heloísa Chaves, Dr. Simone Telles Martins

Event Dates:

  • Friday,June 7,2019 - 15:00h ~17h30