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Internet in the EFL Classroom: The Keyp@l Club
Marcel Bittencourt Tavares

One of the most powerful ways of communication offered by the Internet is the eletronic mail, and this work aims at showing that an exchange of e-mails between teacher and students in an EFL course could not only prepare them to understand e-mail English,but also make them constructivist learners.


Since the exchange of e-mails by the Internet is becoming the most usual form of written communication in the world, teaching e-mail writing turned to be essential in the EFL classroom.

Following Mario Rinvolucri’s experiment (Rinvolucri,1983) to stimulate creative writing based on the Herbert Kohl technique (Kohl,1977),I have found that a keypal activity in classroom motivates intermediate students to jot down their opinions and past experiences without worrying about mistakes.


Eletronic communication,written on keyboards and read on computer screens is writing that very often reads as if it were being spoken,that is,as if the sender were writing-talking. Hence, Internet English is developing its own forms of communication,like emoticons and acronyms used to describe the emailer feelings or physical characteristics (see table below).

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