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Having Fun with Videos
Adriana Jorge Dib Dias da Motta

It is very important for students to work with images and real language, so movies are a great tool in the learning process. Movies are fun, entertaining, attractive, interesting, and most importantly different. It is an unlimited resource of work. As long as you know the benefits of working with videos and are creative, you can do almost everything with them. You can work with grammar, listening, reading, writing, speaking, viewing, culture, you can also have many different games and activities. I have been using video as part of presentation, practice, and also production in my classes. Every time I use it I like it better and so do my students. I know they can relate to movies for many different reasons. Students are familiar with most of the movies, the scenes are carefully chosen in accordance to students' ages. Movies are concrete; learners can identify with some of the scenes.
It is not mandatory that all video activities include all skills; some may work individually with one skill area such as listening, reading, writing, or speaking. The teacher has to keep in mind that video activities motivate students, offer authentic English, and help learners visualize everyday use of language in situations that could be true for most people. Even if the situation is completely bizarre, imagination helps create a sense of reality. Video activities have proved to be a great resource in the classroom, students of all ages benefit from these activities.
This paper aims at presenting different ways of working with feature movies in the classroom. The author will provide ideas and suggestions on how to use authentic video material related to different stages of the lesson. To demonstrate how these objectives can be achieved in the classroom, a number of video activities of several formats and purposes and based on different kinds of movies will be shared:

1. Movie sequence - this is a multi-level activity illustrating different types of movies. While students are watching the twelve scenes, they are supposed to identify the kinds of films either by numbering or writing down the specific vocabulary of movie types;

2 . The sound of music – this is a basic level activity in which students are expected to understand the names and the ages of the characters presented;

3. Get over it – this is a basic level activity in which students identify the actions performed in the scene and write sentences using the present continuous tense;

4. America’s Sweethearts – this is a basic level activity in which students identify and write down the time they see and also practice the simple present tense;

5. Stuart Little – this a basic level activity in which students select the best preposition to complete the sentences they are given according to the scene;

6. Star Wars – this is an intermediate level activity divided into two parts. First, students are supposed to identify and correct the wrong information in the summary they are given. Second, students make some predictions based upon what they have seen in the previous part;

7. Dude, where’s my car? – this is an intermediate level activity in which students fill in the blanks using the information provided in the scene. This is a listening exercise whose function is ordering food;

8. Practical magic – this is an intermediate level activity divided into two parts. First, students write down a physical description of the main characters. Second, students are supposed to compare the two characters;

9. The Lion king – this is a multi-level activity. Students are given a list of animals and they have to check the ones they see in the scene.

10. Moulin Rouge – this is a multi-level activity. Students are given a list of verbs which they have to recognize and circle. This is a music activity.

Movie Types

A) Number the movie types according to the scenes:

(   ) Cartoon
(   ) Horror
(   ) Comedy
(   ) Adventure
(   ) Epic
(   ) Drama
(   ) Love Story
(   ) Thriller
(   ) Science Fiction
(   ) Western
(   ) Musical
(   ) Classic

B) What is your favorite movie type?

C) What is your favorite movie?


A) What are the children’s names? Solve the puzzle and find out:

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