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BRAZ-TESOL - BRAZil Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages


» Why join BRAZ-TESOL?

BRAZ-TESOL is the largest association of teachers of English to speakers of other languages in Brazil. A not-for-profit organization with a membership of over a thousand professionals, BRAZ-TESOL is an affiliate of TESOL International (US), IATEFL (UK)  and a member of Southern Cone TESOL. Members from all the different areas make BRAZ-TESOL one of the most interesting professional communities you could belong to in Brazil.

So, why join BRAZ-TESOL? There are many benefits such as our NEWSLETTER, which members receive four times a year; special rates at our bi-annual conference, selected TEFL events, courses for teachers and ELT material; the opportunity to join one of our Special Interest Groups (SIGs); access to exclusive areas of the site (including “Employment Section”); and much more.

There are also other benefits that may not be so obvious to begin with. We all know that teaching can be quite a lonely profession. However, we believe that developing an active network with other professionals from around the country and the world can certainly add a new dimension to your teaching practice and your career and personal development.

And, what could you offer? Both new teachers and experienced ELT practitioners can contribute a lot with BRAZ-TESOL. Contact us and find out how.

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