Raquel Ribeiro

Raquel Ribeiro  is an EdTech researcher, English teacher, teacher trainer and writer in the field of mobile-learning in ELT. 
She is passionate about motivating students and teachers to trust their learning potential and to use technology to enhance
the language acquisition experience and for inclusion.

She is also one of the authors of the Teacher Editions of the Cambridge University Press Evolve series
and writes for English teachers at https://www.cambridge.org/elt/blog/author/raquel-ribeiro/ 


A whole new world or just more of the same? AI and education


AI and communicative possibilities in ELT

Speech recognition systems are trained to recognize what human beings are saying and helps AI to understand human speech.While machines may recognize speech, this does not mean they understand it the way humans do. These technologies are steadily evolving to understand not just what we say,  but what we mean.  The A - Z of AI Google

What are the main differences between generative AI and informational AI and how can they be used in the English language classes in order to make a difference to the learning experiences?

How do we ensure that AI meets real needs, and is not just the latest EdTech Fad?
Teacher guidance and creativity allied with technology tools applied to education, can make a difference and encourage the students’ development in their foreign language acquisition journey.

In this plenary talk the speaker will focus on mobile-friendly possibilities to use AI resources to develop the students’ autonomy when learning English.