Hayo Reinder

Dr. Hayo Reinders (www.innovationinteaching.org) is TESOL Professor and Director of Research at Anaheim University in the USA as well as Professor of Applied Linguistics at KMUTT in Thailand. Hayo is Editor of the journal Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching and edits a book series on “New Language Learning and Teaching Environments”. He has published 28 books and 150 articles in the areas of educational technology, teacher leadership and learning beyond the classroom.


A whole new world or just more of the same? AI and education


Digital Wellbeing in times of artificial intelligence

With ever more aspects of our (professional) lives being mediated through technology, it is increasingly important that we identify where technology is having a negative impact on our own and our learners’ wellbeing. In addition to widely-held concerns about privacy and security, in the last two years teachers have experienced such challenges as digital distraction, digital disorder and digital disarray (Hanin, 2021), adding a significant burden to workload and job satisfaction. Artificial Intelligence is likely to significantly add to teachers' (and learners') challenges in this regard.

However, despite its serious drawbacks, the negative influences of technology can be managed.
The field of ‘positive computing’, for example, has a number of important insights into how we can raise our awareness of our own and others’ practices and how we can work towards ‘digital wellbeing’. In this practical talk I will share some of these insights and offer practical suggestions for how teachers can integrate notions of wellbeing into their own and their communities’ digital lives.