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17th BTIC


- engage the main stakeholders in public education, third and private  sectors on the need of improved teacher development programs and initiatives for English language teachers in public schools 
- raise awareness on the pressing need of investment of time and resources on the continued development and education of of pre and in-service public schools English language teachers bearing in mind the demands brought about by the Base Nacional Comum Curricular (BNCC)
- Encourage and support initiatives aimed at raising the awareness of and improving the practices of English language teachers teaching in public schools settings
- Disseminate the best practices and improvements in ELT in public schools
- Integrate professionals in the private ELT areas with those in public schools to promote collaboration and cooperation 

The Public Schools Special Interest Group was conceived as a consequence of the pressing demands on ELT professionals since the approval of the BNCC and the implications of its implementations thereafter in the short, mid and long terms for technical and teaching staffs in public schools in Brazil. Its members are professionals from diverse areas - public schools’ technical and teaching staffs, academia, private and third sectors professionals and teachers - whose goal is to collaborate towards the improvement of teachers’ education and enhancement of teaching and learning of English in the country .

Contact us : publicschoolsig@braztesol.org.br




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