Minas Gerais Chapter

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Contact us: mgchapter@braztesol.org.br

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BRAZ-TESOL Minas Gerais chapter is a non-profit organization for teachers of English. It's an affiliate of TESOL International.

Chapter's Board

Carolina Cunha

Carolina Cunha has 20 years? experience in teaching English for different age groups and levels. She holds a BA in English and an MA in Sociolinguistics, besides a CPE, a TKT and a CELTA. She currently works as a freelance teacher catering for students? specific learning needs, including personalized materials and tailor-made courses, as well as offering training workshops. She's also cohost of "Entre Aulas", a podcast for teachers.


Carolina CunhaLeader

Henrique Mamprin



Henrique MamprinCoordinator

Carol Luca

Carol Luca has been teaching for 9 years. She currently teaches adults but has experience teaching all ages. She believes in teaching the student how to learn beyond the classroom. She is the founder of ISC, where she teaches students to get closer to their dreams through English. She holds CPE and TKT (Modules 1,2 and 3) certificates.


Carol LucaCoordinator

Viviane Nogueira

Viviane Nogueira é uma especialista em Educação Bilíngue e Educação Inclusiva, com mestrado em Educação. Ela é graduada em Letras - Inglês e Pedagogia, com experiência em ensino de inglês e elaboração de currículos para Educação Bilíngue. Certificada em metodologias de ensino de língua (TESOL e TEFL) e comprometida com a formação de professores e práticas inovadoras. Seu sucesso e impacto na Educação Bilíngue são notáveis.


Viviane NogueiraCoordinator