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Bruno Albuquerque

Multi-skilled professional who works as an ELT teacher educator, materials writer and editor, speaker, academic coordinator, and course designer. Content Editor at Edify Education, president of BRAZ-TESOL's São Paulo Chapter, and BRAZ-TESOL's national advisory board member. Experienced in writing and editing digital and print ELT materials for schools and publishing houses, designing training sessions and courses, and speaking at digital and face-to-face ELT conferences in Brazil.


Bruno AlbuquerqueLeader
2022 - 2024

Juan Reis Lopes

Juan Lopes is a teacher and teacher educator at Lifelong Idiomas. He has worked as an academic coordinator, materials writer and examiner and he is a board member of the BT Sâo Paulo Chapter. He holds a bachelor's in English Language and Literature from USP, the CELTA and ICELT certificates and a DELTA Modules 1 and 2 certificates.


Juan Reis LopesCoordinator

Derick Coriolano

Derick has been working as an English teacher for fifteen years. He has a degree in English, and holds the CELTA, Train the Trainer and C2 Cambridge certificates, besides also having a Law degree. Derick has worked as a teacher at Yázigi, Cultura Inglesa and CNA. He has also worked as a school coordinator for CNA Caruaru and currently works as an Education Specialist for CNA Administração Nacional.


Derick CoriolanoCoordinator

Thaís Olivieri

Thaís has been teaching English and Literature since 2014. She holds a BA in English/Portuguese and its Literatures, a post-graduation in Psychopedagogy, and is currently majoring in Philosophy. She holds the CELTA, CPE and Train The Trainer from Cambridge University. She is Google educator, Educamidia and Talking EFL partner.


Thaís OlivieriCoordinator

Cleber Santos

Cleber Santos is an English Teacher, Teacher Trainer and Illustrator based in São Paulo, SP. He has had over ten years of experience teaching children, teenagers, and adults. Currently, he works as an English teacher and examiner at Winner Idiomas. He is especially involved with Business English, teaching English with drama and fun activities. He has written ELT materials for FTD; he holds a graduation in Information Technology and the CELTA certificate. He's been a volunteer in BRAZ-TESOL SP Chapter for about 2 years broadcasting lives on Instagram to foster ELT improvements. He believes in teacher development and is always taking part in trainings and workshops.


Cleber SantosCoordinator

Veruska Gallo

Veruska Gallo has been working with English language teaching for 20 years. She has experience as a teacher, teacher trainer, speaking examiner, pedagogic coordinator, and materials writer. She holds a BA in Languages and Literature from USP, a postgraduate degree in Teaching English to Young Learners and Teens from PUC-SP, CPE, TKT, and ICELT. She has been a BRAZ-TESOL volunteer since 2010, as the Minder Leader and Coordinator in BTICs and currently as a board member of BRAZ-TESOL São Paulo City Chapter.


Veruska GalloCoordinator

Mariana Dantas

Hello, My name is Mariana and I´ve been an English teacher for more than 15 years. I´m very passionate about human behaviour and self improvement. I went to a post graduate program at Senac, focused in People Management, and in 2016 I got my 1st coaching certification, and I have, since then, combined self improvement, soft skills and language improvement in my classes. For the past 5 years I´ve been teaching Business English for adults in corporations. I really believe we can build stronger professionals for the market with our classes.


Mariana DantasCoordinator

Gustavo Fróes

Gustavo Fróes has been a teacher for over 16 years, and in the past few years, he has become a teacher trainer and a speaker at National and International conferences. He holds a BA in Film, the DELTA, the CELTA, the CPE, and the Train the Trainer (all from Cambridge). He also holds several international teaching extension courses, has published articles, and has been a BRAZ-TESOL volunteer since 2019. He has been a Vice President of Braz-Tesol's São Paulo Chapter and is currently a Coordinator of BRAZ-TESOL São Paulo City Chapter.


Gustavo FróesCoordinator