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YLT SIG aims at: encouraging professional development and the exchange of ideas about teaching Young Learners and Teenagers; sharing ideas, activities and reading material to foster discussion; promoting a link among YLT teachers all over Brazil by using online discussions.

SIG Team

Vanessa Gomes Benedetti

Vanessa has been working as an English teacher for 23 years and as a trainer for 4 years.She holds a degree in International Trade Administration and a specialization in English Language Teaching .She is also certified by the University of Cambridge in different courses and exams, such as CPE, CELTA , CELT-P, TKT YL and Train the Trainer and Cambridge Speaking Examiner. She is currently working at haʊs Formação e Colaboração, which is a partnership company focused on collaboration and training of educators from all learning contexts. Her biggest passion is teaching young learners and providing opportunities for equity in education.


Vanessa Gomes BenedettiStudy Group coordinator

Fabiana Muliterno

Fabiana is a teacher, an AD helper, and currently part of the YLTSIG in the Braz Tesol. She holds a CELTA, ICELT and Train the Trainer certificates, and has just finished DELTA Module 2. She has been studying Positive Discipline and Nonviolent Communication for the past 2 years, and is a great enthusiast of affective learning and visible learning.


Fabiana MuliternoSocial Media coordinator / SIG leader

Cristina Bordinhão

Cris Bordinhão is passionate about people, culture, and learning, and they have led her to be a teacher for over ten years, four of them for Cultura Inglesa Sorocaba and one of them as a Cultural Teacher for the Cultural Academic Area in Cultura Inglesa SP. She has a degree in translation from UFRGS, and MBA in Marketing and is currently studying storytelling techniques. She holds the CPE, CELTA, Anaheim TESOL and Train the Trainer certificates.


Cristina BordinhãoSocial media coordinator / SIG Leader

Ludmila Moscardine Pires Heleno

Ludmila has been working as an English teacher since 2004. She has a degree in Languages and Pedagogy, MBA in Business and Post-graduation in Language Teaching. She holds the Anaheim for YLS, Google certifications, TKT YLs and CELTA. In her free time, she loves spending time with her family and watching films or reading books.


Ludmila Moscardine Pires HelenoSecretary

Graziella França

Grazi is an educator who wears many hats: teacher, trainer, speaker, writer. She has a degree in Letras-Inglês, holds the CPE and has been a teacher for about 12 years. She holds the Cambridge Train the Trainer. She is a certified Positive Discipline Classroom Educator. Grazi has been a speaker in conferences such as IATEFL, LABCI and BRAZ-TESOL. Recently, she has contributed as one of the coauthors of the book 'Práticas de Inglês na Infância'.


Graziella FrançaStudy Group assistant

Isadora Costa

Teacher, Storyteller, teacher developer for 30 years. Works with all ages. Young learner specialist. Founder of Stars English School. Degrees in Communications and Pedagogy, TESOL, CPE, CAE, Postgraduate degree in Bilingual and Multilingual Education. Native English speaker.


Isadora CostaEvent Coordinator