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Cultivating Connections: Exploring Intercultural Awareness in Language Education

As we approach the BRAZ-TESOL International Conference in Goiânia, this pre-conference event is all ...

 May, 26th 2024 09:30-12:00

 Intercultural Language Education SIG

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AI: The 5th Skill in ELT

HAL? Skynet? Thinking robots? AI has always been around in sci-fi as a doomsday machine. But is it? ...

 May, 25th 2024 14:00-18:00

 Center-West Chapter

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BRAZ-TESOL Rio Chapter - Best Practices in English Language Teaching

Following our "Best Practices" series, this event will feature a great line-up of speakers who will ...

 June, 8th 2024 13h00 às 18h00

 Rio de Janeiro Chapter

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UVA - Universidade Veiga de Almeida - Unidade Meier - R. Dr. Pache de Faria, 23 - Méier, Rio de Janeiro

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Join our 2-hour workshop to delve into Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS) ...

 June, 8th 2024 9:30 - 11:30

 Young Learners and Teens SIG

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The Language Mosaic: Uniting Diverse Voices in Education

In this event, educators unite to explore the rich tapestry of bilingualism and interculturality in ...

 June, 15th 2024 13h às 18h

 Northeast Chapter

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Colégio Teresa - R. Nísia Floresta, 149 - Nova Parnamirim, Parnamirim/RN

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Teachers, start your engines!

Developing is fundamental when it comes to teaching. That is why we aim to present the teaching co...

 June, 22nd 2024 14h00 às 18h30

 São Paulo City Chapter

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CNA Vila Mariana - Av. Lins de Vasconcelos, 3448 - Vila Mariana, São Paulo/SP, 04112-002

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The Write Stuff - Principles and Practices for ELT and bilingual materials writing

Material writing

 June, 29th 2024 08:00 - 12:00

 Materials Writing SIG

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Cultura Inglesa Higienópolis - Avenida Higienópolis, 449 São Paulo cep 01238-001

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