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Engage the main stakeholders in education, in all sectors to improve teacher development programs and initiatives for English language teachers. Encourage and support initiatives aimed at raising the awareness of and improving the practices of English language teachers teaching and Lifelong learning – Disseminate, incentive sharing the best practices, improvements and Integrate professionals in the various areas of ELT to promote an English Teaching community of practice.

Chapter's Board

Maria Valésia Silva da Silva

Maria Valésia Silva da Silva works at the University of Caxias do Sul, and worked at a  Public School as a teacher, Computing Classroom coordinator, a teacher trainer at Referencial Curricular-RS (2009), and Base Nacional Comum Curricular (since 2016) in the 22 municipalities where the University of Caxias do Sul develops its activities. She is currently President of BRAZ-TESOL / RS Chapter, Leader of BRAZ-TESOL Public School SIG, and is a university professor of English, practicum classes, and tutor of final projects. Maria Valésia lives in Caxias do Sul (RS) and she loves travelling around.


Maria Valésia Silva da SilvaPresident
A partir de 2018

Marcia Zambon Farias

Marcia Zambon Farias has worked at public schools, since 1998. In the beginning, she worked at elementary schools in the countryside of her hometown and at high school. Since 2000, she has been working just with high school. She worked for more than 11 years at the University of Caxias do Sul in the course of languages. She is currently treasurer of the BRAZ-TESOL / RS Chapter. She has worked at Santa Catarina High School, in Caxias do Sul (RS) since 2005.


Marcia Zambon FariasFirst Vice President
A partir de 2018

Camila Borghetti



Camila BorghettiSecretary
A partir de 2018

Marcela Nesello

Marcela Nesello is a Pedagogical Coordinator at Edify Education. She is also a speaker and a writer. She has great experience teaching English, Spanish and Portuguese at private, public, and language schools as well as training teachers. She often collaborates with the publisher Learning Factory creating and editing didactic content. She is graduated in Letras (Languages and their Literatures) from the University of Caxias do Sul (2006) and holds a Master's degree in Letras with a focus on Linguistics from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (2009), having received a Capes scholarship of academic merit for the master's degree. During this period, she was also a volunteer researcher in the area of Discourse Studies. He taught at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley as a member of Fulbright's Foreign Language Teaching Assistant program (2009-2010). She has the international certifications CPE (2017) and Train the Trainer (2021), both from the University of Cambridge. She speaks and writes regularly on the most varied topics related to Education in the country. 


Marcela NeselloAdvisor Teacher Training

Cristina Benedetti

Cristina Benedetti is an English language teacher at UCS/CETEC fundamental school, in Caxias do Sul. She coordinates the Pedagogical Sector of the Learning Fun Program - English for children - in Caxias do Sul. She is a specialist in Neurolearning Studies related to pedagogical practices by UNOPAR and in School Management by FAEL. Her degree is in English Language Teaching by UCS. She has been teaching English in the private school system for 15 years. She was a holder for scientific initiation in the Lexicology Studies Project. Currently, she also works with online and face-to-face training for English language teachers.


Cristina BenedettiAdvisor Very Young Children