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The Rio Chapter was founded in 2003, when Vera Bradford, BRAZ-TESOL President at the time, invited a group of ELT professionals to join her in a new endeavour: to plan and promote events whose main goal is to provide the ELT community in Rio with opportunities for continuing professional development. 
Since then many professionals committed to this purpose have been working jointly to keep the Chapter alive, meeting the constantly changing demands and needs of language education.

Check what happened in 2018

  • April 29 - Cultura Inglesa Rio Bonito
    Teachers' Voices II 
  • October 20 - Escola de Negócios Celso Lisboa
    The Language Classroom as an Ecosystem: engaging learners for effective learning

Check what happened in 2019-2020

  • November 2019 - Rio de Janeiro - Awareness for Change
  • August 2019 - São João de Meriti - Sharing ideas
  • September 2019 - Duque de Caxias - Best practices
  • July 2020 - Best Practices: Overcoming challenges in Education - Online (joint with the ILE SIG)
  • November 2020 - Instagram Takeover - Online

Check what happened in 2021

  • September 2021 - Online - Best Practices
  • October 2021 - Online - Teacher's Day - Roundtable with PronunSIG
  • December 2021 -Online - Avoiding Burnout: A Brief Manual

Chapter's Board

Eduardo Mazzeu

Igor Mello is a Rio-based EFL teacher with over 10 years' experience. He has worked at Cultura Inglesa and IBEU, and has a keen interest in writing materials and exam preparation courses.


Eduardo MazzeuLeader
2023 - 2025

Izabelle Fernandes

Izabelle Fernandes is a highly experienced English Language Educator and Materials Writer. She holds a MA in Applied Linguistics from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and a Teaching Degree in Languages (English and Portuguese) from the same institution. Her research and work interests include the teaching of English as an Additional Language, English Language Literature, Multiliteracies, Critical Thinking, and the appraisal and production of didactic materials for language teaching.


Izabelle FernandesCoordinator
2023 - 2025

Igor Mello Diniz

Igor Mello is a Rio-based EFL teacher with over 10 years' experience. He has worked at Cultura Inglesa and IBEU, and has a keen interest in writing materials and exam preparation courses.


Igor Mello DinizCoordinator
2023 - 2025

Fernanda Peixoto

Teacher Fernanda Peixoto is from the countryside of Rio de Janeiro and has been working as an English Teacher since 2009. Since then she has been developing her skills as a teacher and inspiring others teachers to do the same. She was a member of the Executive Board of Braztesol where with the team, create events to make the community grow and share their knowledge. One of her greatest achievements was working as a teacher in the first public bilingual school in Brazil and leading the project in a great way. Fernanda also worked in Rio de Janeiro communities and Huge projects where she met nice people that needed English to get better job opportunities during Brazil World's Cup and Olympic games. Nowadays She runs her own business as a teacherpreneur at Youvip English English Center in Brazil connected to people from all over the world. Fernanda holds many certificates in the teaching field, works as Cambridge and Michigan Supervisor for International English Tests, and loves talking about entrepreneurship and education.


Fernanda PeixotoCoordinator
2023 - 2025

Agnes de Magalhães

Agnes de Magalhães has been an ESL teacher for 10 years. She is a CPE and a CELTA holder. Having worked abroad, she has experience working with learners of all ages, from A1 to C1. Currently, she works with 1-2-1 students and small groups, both exclusively online. She is also a teacher trainer, a translator, and a speaking examiner for multiple international exams.


Agnes de MagalhãesCoordinator
2023 - 2025