Pronunciation SIG

SIG Team

Carol Gonçalves

Carol has taught English since 2002 and has been working at SBCI (Sociedade Brasileira de Cultura Inglesa) for 13 years. She holds a CPE, a BA in Languages (UFRJ) and a Specialization in English Teaching (UFMG). She is part of BT Rio Chapter Advisory Board. Her main interests are Phonology, World Englishes and Materials writing for the classroom.


Carol GonçalvesCoordinator

Vinícius Tavares

Vinícius Tavares holds a BA in business administration/foreign trade and a Lato sensu degree in English Language Teaching, both from UMESP. He has been working with ELT for 10 years. Besides that, now he is working more closely with teacher education as an Advisor for International School. His main interests are Working Memory, Pronunciation and Online Education.


Vinícius TavaresTreasurer

Thelma Marques

Thelma holds a BA in Languages from Ibero Americana, São Paulo. Member of BRAZ-TESOL since 2001, and part of the PronSig Committee since 2010, has been presenting workshops all over Brazil and abroad for more than 20 years. She is now living in Spain, teaching mainly online.


Thelma MarquesEvents Coordinator

Sue R. Cons

Sue has been teaching computing for 20 years and English for over 15. She also specialized in Educação Transformadora at PUC-RS, and in Ensino e Aprendizagem de Língua Estrangeira at UCS. She holds a Bachelor degree in Business and Systems Analysis. She is a Google Certified Trainer and Educator (levels I and II) as well as the leader for the Caxias do Sul GEG.


Sue R. ConsIT Solutions