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Engage the main stakeholders in public education, third and private sectors on the need of improved teacher development programs and initiatives for English language teachers in public schools - raise awareness on the pressing need of investment of time and resources on the continued development and education of of pre and in-service public schools English language teachers bearing in mind the demands brought about by the Base Nacional Comum Curricular (BNCC) - Encourage and support initiatives aimed at raising the awareness of and improving the practices of English language teachers teaching in public schools settings - Disseminate the best practices and improvements in ELT in public schools - Integrate professionals in the private ELT areas with those in public schools to promote collaboration and cooperation

SIG Team

Maria Valésia Silva da Silva

Maria Valésia Silva da Silva works at the University of Caxias do Sul, and worked at a  Public School as a teacher, Computing Classroom coordinator, a teacher trainer at Referencial Curricular-RS (2009), and Base Nacional Comum Curricular (since 2016) in the 22 municipalities where the University of Caxias do Sul develops its activities. She is currently President of BRAZ-TESOL / RS Chapter, Leader of BRAZ-TESOL Public School SIG, and is a university professor of English, practicum classes, and tutor of final projects. Maria Valésia lives in Caxias do Sul (RS) and she loves travelling around.


Maria Valésia Silva da SilvaPublic School SIG Leader

Ingrid Barbosa da Costa



Ingrid Barbosa da Costa Implantação Escolas Públicas Bilíngues

Marcia Zanbom Farias

Marcia Zambon Farias has worked at public schools, since 1998. In the beginning, she worked at elementary schools in the countryside of her home town and at high school. Since 2000, she has been working just with high school. She worked for more than 11 years at University of Caxias do Sul in the course of languages. She is currently treasurer of BRAZ-TESOL / RS Chapter. She has worked at Santa Catarina High School, in Caxias do Sul (RS) since 2005.


Marcia Zanbom Farias Secretary

Marcia Yoshiko Buto

Marcia Yoshiko Buto has a full degree in Portuguese and English, bachelor's degree in Translation from Mogi das Cruzes University, post-graduation degree in English from (UNESP), Cultural Extension Courses in English from (PUC-SP) and Sociedade Brasileira de Cultura Inglesa. She has taken part in several programs sponsored by the US. Embassy and Consulates. She has been working as a teacher trainer at Pedagogical Department from Sao Paulo Secretariat of Education in Suzano, managing, planning, and monitoring projects and programs related to Foreign Languages, such as the Language Centers and Youth Ambassador Program, as well as updating courses, organizing pedagogical and cultural exhibitions, interventions, and working on the curriculum implementation.


Marcia Yoshiko Buto Coord. Cursos

Luiz Afonso Reis Baddini

Luiz Afonso Reis Baddini has a degree in Languages (Portuguese and English), Pedagogy, postgraduate degrees in Human Resources Management and Digital Technologies and Innovation in Education. He is a Public-School English Teacher from the São Paulo Secretariat of Education. He holds ARELS (Oxford University), ECPE (Michigan University), CAE, TKT (Cambridge University). He has worked as a Cambridge / Michigan Language Assessment evaluator in Bilingual Schools and Binational Centres. He has also performed as a Teacher Trainer for Teaching and learning process management as well as the use of resources for language teaching. He is currently coordinating a project of Educational Technology Support at the São Paulo Secretariat of Education.


Luiz Afonso Reis BaddiniCoord. Midias e Tecnologia

Mariane Costa Vieira

Mariane has a degree in English and Portuguese. She has worked as a bilingual English teacher for many years. She currently works at the Rio de Janeiro Education Office as a member of the English team. She also develops workbooks for the same institution. Mariane holds Cambridge TKT and Michigan ECPE certificates, as well as an Exchange Course in Bilingualism (CLIL methodology) from ASU (Arizona State University). In addition, she participated in several courses held by RELO, such as PBL and TESOL Methodology. She is also a Cambridge Speaking Examiner at São Paulo Open Center.


Mariane Costa VieiraCoord. Midias e Tecnologia

Denise Nascimento

Denise da Silva Nascimento has a degree in Languages (Portuguese, English, and Spanish), a postgraduate degree in Reflective Practices related to Teaching and Learning English in Public Schools (PUC-SP). She is a Public-School English Teacher from both São Paulo Secretariat of Education. She holds two Exchange Courses in the USA from Fulbright Brazil/USA/CAPES: Professional Development Program for English Language Teachers (PDPI - Missouri State University) and another one is Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program for International Teachers (Fulbright DAI ? Arizona State University). She has been participating in several courses held by the Secretariat of Education from São Paulo State and County.


Denise Nascimento Coord. Formação Continuada

Eduardo Vasconcelos

Eduardo Vasconcellos has a degree in Languages and Literatures from UERJ, a postgraduate degree in Applied Linguistics: teaching/learning of English as a Foreign Language from UFF and an MBA on Entrepreneurial Management in Education. He works at a municipal school in Rio de Janeiro and he has also been a principal of the first bilingual Portuguese/English school for the state of Rio de Janeiro since 2014. He holds ECPE (Michigan University) and TKT (Cambridge University). He?s also worked as a teacher at Cultura Inglesa and Ibeu (Convenio-Prefeitura). He was also part of ILEP (International Leaders on Education Program) in 2010.


Eduardo VasconcelosFormação Continuada

Itamar José Bressan

Itamar José Bressan has a degree in Portuguese and English language, a Master's degree in Education and he is a Ph.D. student in Linguistics. He works at Mato Grosso State Secretariat of Education, where is in charge of professional development policies. Member of Apliemt - Mato Grosso English Language Teachers Association, International Exchange Alumni and He was the English language curriculum writer of Mato Grosso. He has an interest in researching Young and Adult Education, language teaching, and Portuguese as a welcoming language. Currently Connected Education Innovation Program coordinator and secretary of Mato Grosso Educational State Forum.


Itamar José BressanContato com Secretarias de Educação