Founded in 1986, BRAZ-TESOL is Brazil's largest association of teachers of English to speakers of other languages. A non-profit organization with a membership of over 1500 professionals, BRAZ-TESOL is an affiliate of TESOL International (US) and an associate of IATEFL (UK). The organization is also member of the Southern Cone TESOL group, formed by associations from Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Colombia and Chile

» BRAZ-TESOL aims to:

  • foster and support research in the field of English teaching.
  • organize national and regional events, meetings and seminars on topics related to the teaching of English in Brazil.
  • support teacher development programs in all types of teaching institutions in Brazil.
  • promote studies in the area of English teaching and related fields, such as applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, use of technology and second language acquisition.
  • establish and maintain contacts with similar associations in other countries, especially TESOL (US), IATEFL (UK) and Southern Cone TESOL, which brings together Brazil Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay and Argentina.

» Head office, BRAZ-TESOL has a remunerated executive secretary. The members of the Executive Board, the Advisory Council, Regional Chapters, and SIG committees are all volunteers, working for the good of the profession of ELT in Brazil.

» BRAZ-TESOL national organization consists of:

  • a national office based in São Paulo
  • a National Executive Board
  • an Advisory Council - whose members are elected to serve for two years
  • Regional Chapters
  • Special Interest Groups - SIGs