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Our mission: To understand how our brain works, how to better use all the abilities we possess and to comprehend the boundaries of our individualities are necessary tools for the formation and development of capabilities both inside and outside the classroom. To know what science brings us in the transdisciplinary area of neuroscience, education and psychology will inform BRAZ-TESOL?s professionals to lead collaborative and cooperative learning and sustain the informed practice of the art of teaching

SIG Team

Mirela Ramacciotti

Former lawyer, teacher and translator, turned to education consultancy and materials writer in the area of TESOL and MBE; MSc in Interdisciplinary Studies at Johns Hopkins University & PhD Candidate in Neuroscience at USP; author of Aprender:entendendo o cérebro; runs the website www.neuroeducamente.com.br; manages the MBE SIG.


Mirela RamacciottiAdvisory Council

André Hedlund

André Hedlund is a Chevening Alumnus, MSc Psychology of Education - University of Bristol, Educational Consultant, Speaker, and Guest Lecturer on Bilingualism and Cognition in Postgraduate courses. He blogs at edcrocks.com.


André HedlundSIG Leader

Luiz Henrique Chantre Silva

Undergraduate in Business Administration at UNIP, Post Graduate in Neuroscience applied to Education at Faculdade Santa Casa de São Paulo, Color Vowel Level One Instructor, Teacher Trainer and Director of Quality and Traing at Berlitz Brasil, working in ELT since 1996.


Luiz Henrique Chantre SilvaFinancial Coordinator

Cyntia Bailer

Cyntia Bailer holds a PhD in Language Studies (UFSC), under the supervision of Dr. Lêda Tomitch. She had a one-year research experience at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, under the supervision of Dr. Marcel Just. She currently works at FURB (Universidade Regional de Blumenau/SC) with the Letras course and the Graduate Program in Education.


Cyntia BailerAdvisory Council

Rodolfo Mattiello

Rodolfo Mattiello holds a BA in Languages of Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Campinas, Masters in Applied Linguistics of the University of Edinburgh specialized in Language Acquisition under the Usage-based perspective with interest in Cognitive Linguistics, specialization degree in Lesson Planning of University of Oregon, Education Technology for EFL Classes of Iowa State University and he also co-authored the book ?Formação de Professores? (Paco Editorial). Founder of Mattiello Consultoria Acadêmica, a center for teachers? development and BELíngue, an online English school.


Rodolfo MattielloInternal Communications and Operations Coordinator

Mônica Barbosa de Carvalho

Mônica Barbosa de Carvalho is an accomplished English language educator and Cambridge Speaking Examiner with a wealth of experience spanning various educational settings. Currently freelancing as a Cambridge Speaking Examiner, she previously worked as a full-time English Teacher at International House Monterrey, specializing in General and Business English for teens and adults, including Cambridge exam preparation courses. Mônica's teaching journey includes positions at renowned language institutes in Brazil, where she taught English to students of all ages. She holds a graduate degree in Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language, along with certifications in Train The Trainer and CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Mônica's passion for teaching and her commitment to professional growth are evident in her diverse skill set and continuous pursuit of excellence in language education.


Mônica Barbosa de CarvalhoSocial Media, Communications, and Events Coordinator