São Paulo State Chapter

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Contact us: sao-paulo-state@braztesol.org.br

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Our mission is to provide opportunities for teachers in the state of São Paulo to reflect upon their practices and how to develop them by taking part in hands-on, practical events and workshops. The state of São Paulo is very big with over 600 cities, so we rely on the advent of technology and online events to bring teachers from all over the state closer together focusing on making education and access to information more democratic. At the heart of our work are respect for others, the joy of teaching and learning, and continuous professional development.

Chapter's Board

Cleber Azevedo

He has a master's degree in Applied Linguistics (2018), he majored in English (2011), and he has a Bachelor's degree in Journalism (2015) from the University of Taubaté. He currently works as a self-employed English language teacher. He also holds the following Cambridge courses (DELTA MODULE 2, TRAIN the TRAINER | CELTA | CELT-S, and TKT module 1) and works as a speaking examiner. He is currently studying for his Delta Module 1. His second field of interest is psychoanalysis: He is studying at CLIPP, São Paulo. He also co-owns Haus, Formação e Colaboração, a project to spread the teaching of the English language.


Cleber AzevedoCoordinator

Muryllo Esdras

Muryllo Esdras is an English Language Teacher and certified teacher-educator based in Brazil. He holds a number of qualifications from the University of Cambridge, such as the TKTs, Celta, and Train the Trainer. He is currently working on his BA in Languages (CBM). His main interests are: teacher education, EFL, ESL, Materials Writing, and Inclusion in ELT.


Muryllo EsdrasCoordinator

Rafael de Almeida Arruda Felix

Rafael Felix is graduated in Letras and I hold a master's degree in Linguistics. He is currently taking his doctoral degree in Linguistics. He holds a C2 proficiency and TKT core modules. He has been a teacher for more than 10 years and he currently works as a professor at a university for the course of Letras, and as an educational coordinator at high school. His main interests are: interculturality, diversity, equity and inclusion, information communications technology and English as lingua franca.


Rafael de Almeida Arruda FelixLeader