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Cultivating Connections: Exploring Intercultural Awareness in Language Education

26/05/2024 - 09:30-12:00

As we approach the BRAZ-TESOL International Conference in Goiânia, this pre-conference event is all you need to prepare for our ILE SIG Morning. Join us for a great morning of learning and discussion!

Here are our topics:


The Intercultural Evolution of the English Language and ELT - Hugo Dart, Jane Coury, Louise Potter

Have you ever thought about how the English language has evolved and the variety of cultures that have enriched the language?  And a springboard to this, how English language teaching has morphed according to historical trends? In this webinar, we will talk about these shifts leading up to current practices of how intercultural competences have now come into play.


Multiliteracies and Intercultural Awareness: Connections and Possibilities - Mariana Reis, Susan Clemesha

What is the purpose of education for the world today and in the future? The traditional model of schooling is not sufficient to develop the skills necessary to address the challenges humanity faces in today’s world.Intercultural awareness becomes increasingly important in shaping students who are capable of collaboratively engaging with others, seeking solutions for a better future. In this process, language is characterized by dialogue, and interaction occurs through different modalities. In this session, we will explore elements of critical interculturality, language as repertoire, and the role of multimodality in intercultural interactions.