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Innovative Strategies for Effective English Language Teaching

** 14/09/2024 -  das 9h00 às 18h00  -  Evento Presencial **


Innovative Strategies for Effective English Language Teaching

We are excited to announce that on September 14th, we will be hosting a remarkable event at the SESC CACUPÉ HOTEL in Florianópolis: Innovative Strategies for Effective English Language Teaching.

This event welcomes every teacher in our community, from seasoned professionals to those just starting their careers. It is open to all BRAZ-TESOL members, regardless of location. We especially encourage educators from the beautiful state of Santa Catarina to join us and enrich this gathering with their local insights and experiences.

🌟 Meet Our Invited Speakers! 🌟

We are thrilled to introduce two phenomenal professionals from our BRAZ-TESOL community!

Tamires Gama: An esteemed ELT expert with vast experience as an educator, trainer, speaker, and materials writer. With a B.A. in Languages from USP and certifications like TESOL from Anaheim University and CELTA from Cambridge, she’s a powerhouse of knowledge. Currently, she’s deepening her expertise with a postgraduate degree in Online Learning and Learning Technologies at PUCRS.

Lucy Crichton: A dedicated ELT educator, young learner specialist, and materials writer based in Brazil. Passionate about holistic education, Lucy writes for primary and pre-primary classrooms, emphasizing meaningful contexts, diversity, and inclusion. She has lectured across Latin America, Europe, and Asia, and runs her own school, The Secret Garden. Here, she blends art, dance, drama, yoga, gardening, and cooking to create 'Living English,' fostering a deep respect and love for children.

Stay tuned for more about our Plenary Speakers!

📅 Join us on September 14th! Submit your proposal and share your expertise with our community in Santa Catarina. This is a unique opportunity to connect, learn, and grow with fellow educators dedicated to enhancing English language teaching.