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Is School Really Killing Creativity? Demystifying the Creative Process - Dr. Jared Cooney Horvath

Ever since Ken Robinson famously claimed that education kills creativity, schools have been increasingly pressured to engender creative growth amongst students.  Unfortunately, those people who demand we focus on creativity often struggle to clearly explain what this cognitive process is or how it can be cultivated.  During this session, we will start by clearly exploring what creativity is and how it functions.  From there, we will debunk the 5 most prevalent myths of creativity (good news: you don't lose creativity as you age!) then consider what this all means for engendering creativity within schools.  Together we will attempt to answer the question: are schools really killing creativity?

Specific Topics Explored:

  • What is creativity at a functional level?
  • What are the three different levels of creativity and how to we evolve each?
  • What are the three essential ingredients for truly creative work to emerge, and what does this mean for educational practice?
  • What are the 5 most prevalent myths of creativity?
  • How will creativity be assessed in education, and how can help our students master these assessments?