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SIG Mission: 

Our mission as a Special Interest Group is to connect, develop, support and promote awareness of proper Business English (BE) teaching practices in Brazil.

We do this by:

Identifying, Hearing, and Understanding:

  • who we are and where we stand as BE professionals;

  • our needs as professionals and as a community;

  • the needs of BE teaching, considering our local scenario and conditions;

  • the needs of the market we operate and how we can support our clients/students

Gathering & Connecting:

  • BE teaching centres, solution providers and professionals across the country;

  • other Braz-TESOL SIGs, sharing and learning from each other;

  • International BESIGs, related communities, and BE professionals;

  • Academic Researchers in the local Business English field;

  • Books and Resource publishers in BE teaching practices;

  • External stakeholders, including HR associations and relevant professionals

Supporting & Engaging:

  • BE professionals in different career stages

  • best practices sharing from members of our community

  • professionals into Business English Teaching

  • teachers on CPD in the the BE field

SIG Team

Ricardo L. Bruns

Working as a consultant and as a Business English trainer since 2009, I'm passionate about supporting professionals in communicating better for the sake of their businesses and careers. Building and engaging a community of Business English professionals has been a rewarding challenge which I invite you to take part of. With this in mind, welcome to the Braz-TESOL Business English Special Interest Group!


Ricardo L. BrunsSIG Leader

Carla D'Elia

Carla D'Elia has over 20 years' experience teaching Business English as a Lingua Franca. She holds a B.A. in History and an M.Sc. in Applied Linguistics, both from the University of São Paulo. She is the creator of the SaveMeTeacher® brand across several social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, and TikTok. In addition, she is the founder of the language consultancy firm Expresse. She is currently responsible for creating content on social media, as well as devising language courses and marketing online educational services.


Carla D'EliaBoard Member

Isabel Badra



Isabel BadraBoard Member