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SIG Mission: 

The mission of the BRAZ-TESOL ESP SIG is to disseminate best practices in ESP teaching and to foster a community of ESP practitioners in Brazil.  

Our main aims, therefore, are to:

  • raise awareness of the field of ESP among ELT professionals in Brazil;

  • encourage professional development of ESP practitioners;

  • link and unite ESP professionals in different educational sectors;

  • promote and spread knowledge of ESP research and good practices; 

  • collaborate with other Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in BRAZ-TESOL; and

  • build and maintain relationships with institutions and educational organizations to keep up-to-date with learners’ needs and teaching or learning resources.

SIG Team

Thiago Silva

Thiago Silva is a seasoned air traffic controller who has been an Aviation English instructor for almost 7 years, trained by ICEA (Brazilian Air Force) and Mayflower College (Plymouth, UK). An examiner, material and course designer, Thiago has additional experience teaching EFL to children and teenagers and holds a Maths degree, the CELTA and C2 Proficiency. He is currently working as a regulations advisor at the Department of Airspace Control?s headquarters in Rio de Janeiro and preparing Brazilian commercial pilots for the ANAC Santos Dumont English Assessment (SDEA) as a part-time private tutor. Thiago has been a BRAZ-TESOL member since 2018 and has worked as a volunteer in a few events.


Thiago SilvaLeader

Aline Aguirre

Aline Aguirre has been a teacher for 24 years (and counting). She holds a BA in Graphic Design, Public Relations, Executive Secretariät, English Language and is finally finishing her Pedagogy course. On top of that, she holds the CELTA and the CPE. Aline has been working with ESP since 2001, having started out on preparing dentistry and phonoaudiology undergraduates for their master?s degree entrance exam. She has also taught English for Seafarers, Cabin Crew and Au-pairs. Aline currently designs ESL books, most of them for specific purposes and in five different languages. Her book English4Conversation 2 is in the oven at this moment. She has been a member of BRAZ-TESOL since 2018.


Aline AguirreStudy Group Coordinator

Andréia Poppi Maia

Andréia Poppi Maia has been in ELT for 20 years. She has acted in different contexts such as language schools, her own English school and since 2011 she has been working with personalized English courses as a self-employed teacher. Andréia holds a postgraduate degree in English Language Teaching - UEM (Universidade Estadual de Maringá) and also Cambridge English Proficiency, TKTs 1, 2, 3 and the CELTA. She has been particularly interested in ESP courses and has designed English for taxi drivers, plastic surgeons and Travel English courses, her main focus. Currently, she is honored to be the president of the BRAZ-TESOL Maringá Chapter.


Andréia Poppi MaiaSocial Media Coordinator

Ricardo Bruns

Ricardo Lacerda Bruns has over 20 years of corporate experience and has been working as a Business English Trainer, providing consultancy and bespoke performance-based training services to international companies, since 2009. Ricardo holds a CertIBET from the Trinity College London, the CELTA, and a degree in Business Administration. He has been a member of the BRAZ-TESOL and the IATEFL BESIG since 2013.


Ricardo BrunsSupport Group Coordinator

Natália Guerreiro

Natália Guerreiro is the current BRAZ-TESOL second vice-president and has been working with Aviation English since 2009 in various roles, such as teacher trainer, language testing specialist and materials writer. A UFRJ English and Portuguese graduate with an M.A. in Applied Linguistics from the University of Melbourne, she has been in ELT since 2000 and has worked both as a General English teacher and ESP practitioner. She also holds the CPE and the CELTA.


Natália GuerreiroConsultant