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Contact us: learner_autonomy_sig@braztesol.org.br

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LASIG intends to empower teachers to research and explore ways to place students in charge of their learning journey. The main idea is to create a big forum for discussions and networking, as well as have specialists talk to our members through webinars and events.

SIG Team

Fabiana Muliterno

Fabiana is a teacher, a teacher trainer and a materials writer. She holds a CELTA, ICELT and Train the Trainer certificates, and has finished DELTA Module 2. She has been studying Positive Discipline and Nonviolent Communication for the past 2 years, and is a great enthusiast of visible learning and learner autonomy.


Fabiana MuliternoSIG leader + finance coordinator

Cristina Bordinhão

Cris Bordinhão is passionate about people, culture, and learning, and they have led her to be a teacher for over ten years, four of them for Cultura Inglesa Sorocaba and one of them as a Cultural Teacher for the Cultural Academic Area in Cultura Inglesa SP. She has a degree in translation from UFRGS, and MBA in Marketing and is currently studying storytelling techniques. She holds the CPE, CELTA, Anaheim TESOL and Train the Trainer certificates.


Cristina BordinhãoCommunications Coordinator

Marcela Cintra



Marcela CintraAcademic Coordinator

Renata Condi

Renata Condi works with the different aspects of international education and bilingual education in schools, colleges, universities and publishers. She is the head of the departments of International Education, International Studies, Additional Language, and Global High School (based on the Ontario curriculum) at a Brazilian private school, and the coordinator of a post-graduation course in Bilingual Education at a college of education. She holds a PhD and an MA in Applied Linguistics and Language Studies, an MBA in School Management and specializations in Education and Educational Technology.


Renata CondiAcademic Coordinator