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Our primary goal is to empower teachers by enabling them to use effective strategies in order to attract students and deliver first class services using online tools, suitable platforms, methods and approaches in each and every case. Apart from it, we also focus on deconstructing negative labels given at random on online teaching by debating over its positive aspects which yields a myriad of benefits for both teachers and students.

SIG Team

Julio Vieitas

Júlio Vieitas is a teacher, teacher trainer, academic manager and project manager certified by Cambridge Exams, London Chamber of commerce and Industry, IH London, Pilgrims, Insper and FGV. He is deeply interested in the interplay between online teaching, educational management and methods/approaches in the TEFL context. He is mainly focused on helping teachers, private teachers, pedagogical coordinators and school managers to have more quality of life and independence through a better understanding of education management, especially bearing in mind the landscape of online teaching.


Julio VieitasSIG Leader

Thiago Barbieri

Thiago Barbieri has been working in ELT for over 20 years. He has worked as a teacher, coordinator, teacher trainer and course designer. He?s a specialist in educational technology, innovation and social media for teachers. He currently works as head of education and innovation for an English school franchisor and he is also the founder of TH Education. He holds an MBA in Marketing from FGV, a post graduation in English Language Teaching and New Technologies from Estácio/Bridge, a CELTA and other ELT certificates.


Thiago BarbieriBoard Member