Voices SIG

Contact us: voicessig@braztesol.org.br

SIG Mission: 

We are a diverse group of educators who find it paramount to understand our weaknesses and strengths so as to give support to other people (and ourselves) going through similar, different or the same matters as ours. We are passionate about diversity and inclusion and are interested in fighting our ways to make the learning environment more diverse and inclusive.

We strongly believe we shall make teachers more visible and capable of showing their true colors to the world. In order to do so, we will organise and deliver talks, webinars, conferences and mini-courses on inclusive practices to provide teachers with learning opportunities to better deal with diversity and inclusion in the learning environment.

We shall give voice to teachers from different backgrounds and open people's eyes to matters they might have not had a closer look at such as representativeness, equity, and race in the classroom, as well as in coursebooks. 

We shall make educators understand they are important pieces of this movement. 

To make things work so as to build a better world we need to join forces.

We shall fight to show how important it is to create inclusive and safe environments in every place inside a school, conferences, or in material designing.

We shall be empathetic, consistent and true to our values no matter where we are. Also, we shall be patient, dedicated and committed professionals, as widening our comfort zone is oftentimes a long and challenging process.

Consistency, persistence, hope and hard work are our core values.

We shall remember that one will only be able to notice what needs to be adapted to embrace and value diversity daily if we are aware of our own selves, able to look beyond our bubbles, and open to understand the needs of others.

We can’t be what we can’t see!


Voices BT SIG

SIG Team

AJ Dalmaso

AJ has been an English teacher since 2010. They have a degree in Languages - Translation and Interpreting, and a post-degree in Psychopedagogy. They've been part of Voices since 2017, and a RAZ-TESOLer since 2015. They're passionate about the LGTBQPIA+ community and fights. Together we're stronger!


AJ DalmasoSIG Leader