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Contact us: wellbeingsig@braztesol.org.br

SIG Mission: 

We would like to welcome you to the Well-being Special Interest Group (BT Wellbeing SIG). We seek to promote contacts and cooperation amongst English Language Teachers’ in order to discuss mental health issues in our profession. By the same token, we intend to work on possible solutions that might lead to a substantial level of well-being. Our sense of competence helps us to overcome obstacles and face challenges, to reach our goals and achieve success we dream about. After all, success breeds success.

We aim at:

  • identifying who we are and where we stand as ELT teachers;

  • understanding our needs and wants as ELT teachers;

  • caring and sharing ideas that may allay our fears as ELT teachers;

  • creating a solid community which is feasible;

  • giving members opportunities to enhance their teaching skills (PAPD);

  • engaging members in discussions that can promote mental health and well-being.

  • supporting members to capitalise on activities that allow for healthy habits.

SIG Team

Adriano Zanetti



Adriano ZanettiLeader

Francine Pastore



Francine PastoreVice-leader